About Me

Hi, I’m Ereich Vaughn Empey. I offer various consultation, project development and management services, specializing in photographic, video and live event production.

As a Technical Consultant

I have experience acting as a lead technical consultant for online telecommunications and streaming solutions, both developing solutions and managing projects of varying scope. I run live webcast experiences and programming in field locations, ensuring optimal viewing experiences while ensuring stakeholder needs are met. I edit and produce short-form video pieces using non-linear editing software. I am also experienced in all production aspects from start to finish including video, audio, lighting and media management.

As a Photographer

I shoot with a 5dIII, focusing on a mix of landscapes, still life and portraiture. I’ve been the principle photographer for Nymphashion. The blogger focuses on fashion, mostly whimsical-yet-elegant outfits, in addition to beauty product reviews. I have a myriad of photo credits, including head-shots, group portraits, product advertisements and action shots, both on-site and studio photography.


Some Background

I was trained in History, Classics and Anthropology from the University of California, Irvine, from which I acquired two bachelors magna cum laude. I have a masters in Sociocultural Anthropology from Rice University where I am currently a doctoral candidate in Sociocultural Anthropology. My dissertation studies the Slow Food Movement, an extensive “glocal” movement/organization/ideology that seeks to change quotidian alimentary habits. My research is focused on how ideological beliefs and alternative expertise impact choices of consumption and production.

As a Researcher

My primary research experience consists of using qualitative methodologies to provide insights into attitudinal preferences and behavioral actions among the hospitality industry, CPG and social movements. I have used a wide array of methodologies, including focus groups, surveys, interviews, cognitive mapping, and task analysis.
I draw upon my experiences in secondary research to provide contexts thereby explaining current market situations and providing competitive intelligence using archival and contemporaneous data sets.

I am interested in how users (aka clients) interact with vendors and services to understand why they choose their services and how such transactions can be improved. In a world that increasingly focuses on digital and service based economies, understanding, increasing the number and improving the quality of these services to ensure satisfied (and therefore) repeat customers is key to a successful business. In digital/virtual mediums, client-vendor relationships depend highly on the users experience with the site similar to like real-world customer service and store design.